Individual Therapy

In one-on-one therapy we will begin with what is difficult for you in the moment. We will look at your relationship to yourself and others, explore your strengths, communities, and support systems. We will collaborate on creative ways of coping, healing and growth. As individuals we do not live in a bubble, we depend on each other for support and at times resolution. With this being said loved ones may be asked to join when necessary.

Couple Therapy

Intimate relationships are one of the closest relationships we experience. In partnerships we depend on one another in a multitude of ways and are vastly interconnected. At times this dynamic can create pressure, misunderstandings and stress; which is why relationships require maintainance and care in or out of crisis. Every intimate relationship is unique, presenting their own set of rules, negotiations, and conflicts. I can help you navigate your relationships and regain or strengthen emotional and intimate connection.

Family Therapy

There is not one mold that makes a family. I welcome all configurations of families and I understand that each family is unique with its own set of rules and family roles, we will explore these along with family of origin, interactional patterns and family dynamics. As a marriage, couple family therapist I have extensive training in family relationships and family life cycles. I am happy to work with schools and social workers for families involved in foster care system.   

Sex & Intimacy Therapy

Sexuality exists on a spectrum but can become stifled by expectations  of performance, societal pressures, and daily routine. You will be encouraged to explore your meaning of pleasure and deepen your understanding of your sexual experience. By bringing sexual needs, desires and feelings to the forefront you can engage in and build a more intimate, satisfying and emotional connection. I am considered a sex-positive therapist, I specialize in sex therapy that is inclusive and non-judgmental. Areas of focus are: intimate relationships, pleasure, infidelity, sexual desire discrepancies, difficulties with orgasm, difficulties with erections and orgasm, lack of desire, pain and discomfort in sex, alternative sexualities and lifestyles, sexual abuse and violence.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Similar to therapy, mediation is a dynamic and interactive process. The differences are mostly nuanced but one difference that is salient is neutrality. As a mediator I practice neutrality and I am party-centered; focusing primarily on the needs, rights, and interests of the parties involved. In my role as facilitator I will guide the process in a constructive direction, manage interactions, use specialized communication and negotiation techniques,  and help each party find their optimal solution. Like therapy this process requires active participation, respect and cooperation.